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We use an Integrated Pest Management approach which focuses primarily on building the right conditions for your tree to have its own thriving defense system and the right fungal-dominant infrastructure to crowd out potential pathogens. When needed, we primarily use diluted neem oil as a means of breaking the pest cycle. The fungal competition and leaf health is promoted through the application of wood chips or bark at the drip line as well as a holistic spray of liquid fish, liquid kelp, beneficial microbes or compost tea and neem. If your tree is showing signs of distress, we can assist in pest identification and control. If you are looking to resolve the issue with a rapid-fire allopathic solution, we are not the right partner for you.

If a tree is healthy and resilient, it will generally have minimal pest and disease issues. We take that as step one. Step two is dealing with the acute issue by means of building a more resilient system, which could include a spray, beneficial insects or simply shearing and dropping new growth.

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