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We treat every tree and client based upon their needs. No two trees are identical, given their species and spatial specificity as well as those of our clients. People are often surprised when we ask, "So what do you want this tree to look like in 5 or 10 years?" But that's exactly what makes us different.

A lot of companies simply cut an arbitrary line in the sky, without understanding or explaining the consequences. There's a general rule that you get twice back what you cut, so this short-term approach is not only detrimental to the tree's carbon reserves and resilience against pest and disease pressures, but it also will result in exactly the opposite of the intention, more growth where it has been cut.

By paying attention to standard pruning practices, such as a those in the A300 and others, we pay attention to branch size and direction as well as bud direction to give the tree some direction.


It's like dancing. If you give your partner some light touch to understand where they should go, the result is much better.

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